Foto & Fact of the Day: July 24

Luna lionfish. Image credit:

Luna lionfish. Image credit:


Did you know…there are 10 recognized species in the genus Pterois, including:

  • Pterois andover
  • Pterois antennata (Spotfin lionfish)
  • Pterois brevipectoralis 
  • Pterois lunulata  (Luna lionfish)
  • Pterois miles (Devil firefish)
  • Pterois mombasae  (Frillfin turkeyfish)
  • Pterois radiata (Clearfin lionfish)
  • Pterois russelii (Soldier lionfish, red volitans lionfish)
  • Pterois sphex (Hawaiian turkeyfish)
  • Pterois volitans (Red lionfish, volitans lionfish)

One response to “Foto & Fact of the Day: July 24

  1. Thanks for your effort, Erin. The Pterois threat won’t just disappear, and we need many more like you, to keep spreading information and making people aware.

    I hope you can be an inspiration to others to put in at least a fraction of your effort and be almost as dedicated. That should be enough to keep moving forward the fight to manage the lionfish invasion.

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